Jamo associates

Jamo associates - Project


2006.03 / Shibuya , Tokyo

space area
construction trader
Kozo Takayama

Among the many stores operated by BEAMS, this particular store focuses on a single style that brings out the unique character of its more casual brands. The design pays especial care to the way pinewood is used to execute Jamo's principle concept for the space's structural elements, which they set as "the Old West/the Wild West", in other words, the strength of the American frontier period. The façade was wrapped with so-called "hana-gata" blocks and vegetation planted at the entrance. In the interior, a feeling of something unreal and the raw strength of the pine material are expressed by using the single material for floors, walls and fixtures. The vivid colors of the casual brands' product strike an exceptional balance with the pine's natural qualities. Visitors to the shop are first greeted by a large open entrance hall, which gives customers a moment to catch their breath after coming in from the din and bustle of the city as well as a moment to take in the atmosphere of the store before they begin shopping. Jamo approached the role of the store's front rooms with the theme of a country house's foyer. Without making shoppers feel they are going too far afield when heading upstairs, the second floor is given equal importance as an extension of the overall theme; in one corner the motif is that of a native American teepee, and a sense of rhythm is created with muted colors brought in through a large wooden chandelier from America, rugs and various antiques.