Jamo associates

Jamo associates - Project


2002.02 / Shinsaibashi Osaka

space area
construction trader
Tetsuya Miyakawa, LDR
Kozo Takayama

Located in Osaka at the southern end of the Shinsaibashi area and just north of Ebisu Bashi bridge, this is the third OPAQUE flagship store. It is a new build structure comprising eight floors including a single below-ground level. OPAQUE houses smaller individual shops for numerous brands all developed by a single apparel manufacturer. Jamo's design for the building placed foremost importance on functionality and the need to respond to a set of standards (primarily with regard to fixture sizes) which the client established based years of data they collected. The client also asked that the interior be designed such that it is possible to get a visual sense of the entire building even while just standing at the entrance. With this in mind, a central atrium connecting all eight floors was created. From any floor visitors can get a sense not only of the floors above and below them but also of the entire building. Also, indirect lighting was used as a visual device to increase the number of visitors who proceed to the upper floors. For this project, Jamo aimed to design a "high-end standard box" that provides flexibility and functionality so that spaces can be made to work in parallel with the quickly changing trends of the products sold here.