Jamo associates

Jamo associates - Project


2015.12 / Aoyama , Tokyo

Yuichi Yoshii ( PARIYA )
space area
construction trader
Kozo Takayama

CITYSHOP is a new type of business created by BAY CREWS INC. and inviting Mr. Yuichi Yoshii as creative director. CITYSHOP is, in fact, a flagship concept store where fashion, food and culture merge. Located in the refined shopping centre GLASS-AREA AOYAMA, in Minami Aoyama 5-chome, the ground floor features a delicatessen, bar and terrace. Upstairs are fashion and culture stores. With this arrangement, our goal is to engender a high quality daily lifestyle. Indeed, ”Standard" and “Daily" are the only two key words given by creative director, Mr. Yoshii. From this, we aimed to create a space where people could enjoy an authentic and yet refined experience—as well as playing a leading role whilst co-existing within the city. With the interior, while intentionally avoiding predictable placements, we endeavoured to finalise materials, colours, shapes, light and details only from the simple inspiration conveyed by the store name: CITYSHOP. For example, the arrangement of square shaped furniture is reminiscent of a building group. Colour schemes evoke greyish and smoky tones of the city. Durable strong and hard materials, line lighting and silver aluminium blinds continue this theme. With well considered speaker placement providing the suggestion city noise, the effect is complete. Just as scenery emerges in the mind when listening to music, after countless dialogues with the creative director, Mr. Yoshii, we deconstructed the key word, “CITY” and gave it form.