Jamo associates

Jamo associates - Project

PINK – latte AEON Mall Itami

2015.3 / Itami , Hyogo

space area
construction trader
Nacàsa & Partners

Once known only to the local and young cognoscente, Harajuku has now become a global brand. In expressing the world view of this “unique Harajuku culture,” we aimed to create a topsy-turvy visual that spontaneously creates a tremendous sense of animated energy. Our inspiration came from the world of teen magazines. Upon opening their glossy and glittery covers, a surprising and even baffling plethora of information is crammed—seemingly willy-nilly—onto a single page. Realising this two-dimensional magazine world as a real three-dimensional sales floor was our primary conundrum and ultimate aim. Our strategy began with the development furniture and fixtures that simultaneously conjure up a sense of youthful styling. The sales area features speech bubbles figuratively ripped from the pages of manga. These speech bubbles seem to float in mid air, the shadows they cast on walls and furnishing underscoring the juxtaposition of two and three dimensional creative space. Finally, random capitalisation and multiple exclamation marks energetically declare this the domain of youth, where old rules give way to free expression. In addition, furniture and fixtures are made with simple inexpensive panels, reminiscent of a teen’s bedroom post-it boards. This also provides a simple sense of unity and allows easy placement of products. Finally, with large pendant lights, walls with naked polka dot light bulbs and colourful boxes piled up to the ceiling, target customers experience a startling sense of exhilaration and extraordinary pleasure.