Jamo associates

Jamo associates - Project

Attaché d’IDÉE Yurakucho

2011.1 / Yurakucho , Tokyo

space area
construction trader
Kozo Takayama

For the brand IDEE, which sells primarily interior and lifestyle products, opening a shop-in-shop in the Yurakucho branch of LUMINE apparel shopping buildings meant developing a new kind of store. Jamo created the store design with the image of a “storage box” or “warehouse” in mind so that items of diverse shapes and sizes could be neatly displayed and visitors could clearly discern the beauty of each item.In delineating the shop’s space within the overall building, Jamo used glass walls that turn the façade into a display tool. Here, large items can be shown off to positive effect through use of the glass walls’ long continuous rows of shelving, which have been framed in with wood detailing up to the ceiling. In the center area of the shop, a visually open space is created through the use of low platform fixtures, which display product with a sense of liveliness and fun, reminding visitors of the kind of atmosphere they might find in an outdoor market. The resulting contrast of ordered displays in the façade with the sense of activity in the platform fixtures creates an animated atmosphere in the overall space.Next to the display counters, a type of ordinary adjustable material for walls is used but in a way that does not make its original function obvious. The material is allowed to show plainly and with very finely spaced openings (65mm apart from ceiling to floor and 25mm apart lengthwise) the material allows the wall to be transformed into a free-form display area through the insertion of fittings into the backing. By allowing the raw material itself to show the area is given a fresh and playful visual sensibility.In the store as a whole, industrial materials are given a variety of functions. Despite their industrial nature, Jamo could create an elegant interior by transforming the raw materials through attention to refined detailing.